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Audit & Advisory

Audit & Advisory

Package inclusions:

Process management
Reviewing the tax authority notice or inquiry
Explain the Notice
Researching issues involved
Assist in assembling documents and records for the tax audit
Review the tax audit findings
Explain the appeal process
Provide Other Options if Available and Needed
Tax planning

Internal Control Audit

Internal control audits are designed to provide you, as the owner of the business, with the reasonable assurance that your business achieves its objectives and goals.

Package inclusions:

Internal Audit Services
Internal Audit Transformation
Effectiveness and Quality Assurance
Process Reviews
Standard Operating Procedures
Event Risk Management
Third-Party Assurance

Internal Audit Co-Sourcing

Internal audit co-sourcing allows your company to monitor the key risk areas within the organization that provides higher levels of assurance to the board that the risk areas are being monitored effectively and in an objective manner.

Package inclusions:

Corporate Governance
Risk Assessment
Regulatory Compliance Review
Financial Risk Modeling
Complex Asset Valuation
Due Diligence
Data Quality and Integrity Analysis
Fraud Assessment
IT Security and Privacy

Internal Audit

Internal audit can be used to assess an organization’s performance or the execution of a process against a number of standards, policies, metrics, or regulations. These audits may include examining a business’s internal controls around corporate governance, accounting, financial reporting, and IT general controls.

Package inclusions:

Internal Audit Outsourcing
Internal Audit Co-Sourcing
Internal Audit Partnering
Process and Internal Controls Consulting
Audit Committee Advisory
Continuous Auditing Monitoring
Risk Assessment and Audit Plan
Financial Advisory
IT Audits/Assurance

Insurance Audit

The insurance audit is a process typical to the insurance industry. As your business operations change, so may your insurance premium. The need for Insurance audits arises because many insurance policies are based on estimation when underwritten. These policy types provide for an adjustment of the premium according to the exposures incurred during the policy term.

Package inclusions:

Accounting Book of Accounts
Checking Taxation of Insurance Policies
Coverage Disputes
Complex Insurance Litigation
Public Policy
Trade Association Work
Technology Risk Consulting Services.
Residual Insurance Associations

Human Resource Audit

HR audit is an important management control device. It is a tool to judge the organization’s performance and effectiveness of HR management. It is an analytical, investigative, and comparative process. It gives feedback about HR functions to operating managers and HR specialists.

Package inclusions:

Hiring and Onboarding
Performance evaluation process
Termination Process and Exit Interviews
Job Descriptions
Form Review
Personnel File Review

Financial Statement Audit

The primary objective of a financial statement audit is to obtain information as to whether business financial statements are free from material misstatement. All of the financial statements are thoroughly reviewed to determine if they are compliant with financial reporting guidelines as well as the accepted accounting principles.

Package inclusions:

Compliance with Regulations
Advice on Controls and Processing System Weaknesses
Confirmation of Accounting Treatments with Respect to Complex Transactions
Independent Review of Externally Reported Information
Accountants' Reports

Management Audit

Management Audit is a systematic examination of the decisions and actions of the management. It involves the review of managerial aspects like organizational objective, policies, procedures, structure, control and system to check the efficiency or performance of the management over the activities of the company.

Package inclusions:

Economic function
Corporate Structure
Health of Earnings
Service to Stockholders
Research and Development
Directorate Analysis
Fiscal Policies
Production Efficiency
Sales Vigor
Executive Evaluation

Audit, Assurance and Advisory

The focus of the audit and assurance services is to provide you with a quality product that suits your needs, offer helpful suggestions that will help improve your operations, provide financial guidance when necessary, and provide a level of service that will result in a long-lasting relationship.

Package inclusions:

Accounting & Reporting Advisory Services
Audit and Financial Reporting
Corporate Governance
Employee Benefit Plan Audits
Information Systems Assurance
International Financial Reporting Standards
Third-Party Attestation
Revenue Recognition